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About Nanogic


Founded in 2018, Nanogic is dedicated to developing the highest quality health supplements to improve fertility health.


We provide our customers with products that are backed by science and can support every step of their fertility journey.


We consistently improve our products alongside with latest scientific findings and never stop to develop next-generation nutritional supplements in supporting the high demand unmet needs in human fertility.

Our Products

For Men


Fertient is an Advanced Male Fertility Supplement designed to support your holistic sperm health. From sperm count, motility, morphology to Sperm DNA fragmentation.


Fertient is formulated based on the latest scientific findings and contains 14 ingredients, such as Lycopene, L-Carnitine, L-arginine, and much more.


These antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins work hand-in-hand together as sperm optimizers to support your fatherhood journey.

For Women


Pcosia™ is an advanced fertility supplement with a unique blend of two essential nutrients, Myo-Inositol and Folate, made in a chewable tablet format.


Myo-Inositol is well known for supporting hormonal balance and cycle regularity by optimizing insulin management in your body. While Folate is highly recognized in keeping off birth defects and lower the risk of early labor.


These useful nutrients are now packaged for you in a chewable tablet format. So it is easy to swallow and gentle on the stomach.

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